They have been my go-to for my family for years. They are a bit more expensive than some other places, but it's worth it because you know you're getting good quality work done. They are fair and have never pressured me to get anything let alone extra work done. They are nice and explain anything you want. Definitely go here if you want a quality experience.

5 Clegg Auto Provo 12/22/2017

I absolutely trust the good people of Clegg Auto. I have taken my dear car there a number of times and have been satisfied with each experience. They have great customer service and give clear explanations. They're good people who do good work.

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/2/2017

Clegg Auto is the single greatest repair shop that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Everyone is extremely friendly, kind and knowledgeable. They are a honest, hard working group that does quality work. I am a customer for life. I will also recommend them to anybody that needs car repairs.

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

I’ve been taking both my cars to clegg for the last year and half. They’re always helpful, explain things in a way that even non-mechanically inclined will understand. Their labor price is a little high but worth it. Haven’t had to return for warranty because they fix it right the first time.

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

4 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

Very friendly, easy to work with, and come in under estimate frequently. Have been visiting them for over a decade and won't stop until I'm out of Provo.

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

Cleggs is my go-to car shop. They’ve always been honest with pricing and labor. For instance, I asked for a service in turned out I didn’t need, so they didn’t do it and they didn’t charge me. Highly recommend Cleggs!

5 Clegg Auto Provo 11/1/2017

Great place to go get your car checked if you have any problems. Great workers, and very helpful.

4 Clegg Auto Provo 10/26/2017

Clegg Auto is the best in the game! They are honest, reliable and reasonably priced. Morgan made sure I knew exactly what was going on and exactly what needed to be fixed. I didn't feel pressured to spend more money than I needed and they went out of their way to make sure that I could save as much as possible! The environment is clean and comfortable if you need to wait with free drinks. They have a flexible schedule and work quickly to get your car back to you and running perfectly. I absolutely recommend them, I don't trust anyone else with our cars!

5 Clegg Auto Provo 10/15/2017